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Jenae Alt is a Producer, Actress & Comedian who produced, The Ladies Room which was recently nominated for “Best New Media” by Burbank International Film Festival and was picked up to be developed into a feature film. She is also a Producer for the upcoming Comic Con series, Comic Con Girl with Matt Stacey and a new Reality show called Competitor Games.
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Jenae Alt is a Michigan native who is quickly gaining recognition 
as one of the rising woman Producers in Hollywood. Her passion is to develop features that educate, enlighten and entertain people. In 2013 Jenae was the EP for her first feature Slightly Single. Written and Directed by Christie Will, Slightly Single stars Lacey Chabert and Kip Perdue. This feature established Jenae as a credible producer. She immediately followed up with Officer Down starring Stephen Dorff and Stephen Lang. 
By 2014 Jenae Alt produced and was the lead in her most ambitious project to date The Ladies Room. With master fight choreographer Ho Sung Pak, they shot the first of it’s kind fight scenes with other jaw dropping special effects. The result was The Ladies Room being nominated at the 2014 Burbank International Film festival. “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about it.” Back to top ^
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